Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun with Signs (QuickiePost)

Today was a long day. Stuck in my car for three hours with a whiny spoiled child and supervising the child and the child's parent for another five makes me sad.
However, in a moment as quick as the snap of my fingers, my day suddenly became awesome.

I was driving northbound on Deerfoot Trail and was approaching Glenmore Trail. Currently, the city is paving the northbound lanes, and so a paving crew was preparing to shut down a two lanes for the night to pave it. I was somewhat relieved that I was passing through fifteen minutes before they were set to begin.

Anyhow, I'm sure you are familiar with the fleet trucks that they use to get traffic merging out of the specified lane so that workers can put up pylons. If you aren't familiar, they're like this:

The one to which I'm referring was not a simple arrow sign, but one that could be programmed to say "MERGE LEFT" or "EMERGENCY CREW AHEAD" or pretty much anything.


My day picked up 100% when I noticed that some mischievous rascal reprogrammed the sign and I'm assuming the crew were either too busy or too stupid to notice. Instead of some information relevant to the upcoming paving work to be done, the sign first featured a very well made ASCII profile of a penis (complete with testicle and vein). It would then disappear from the sign and be replaced with, in huge friendly letters, "GOT DICK?"

I laughed. Oh man, did I laugh! I was laughing so hard that my eyes were watering and people in other vehicles were looking in at me. Some genius reprogrammed a road work sign to say something low-brow and absolutely fantastic! Of course I was going to laugh! Thank you to the clever scamp who made my day. I owe you one, sir or madame.

I contemplated driving back down there just to see if they'd fixed the sign, but decided that it wasn't worth sitting through an hour of traffic jam for it. However, if you happen to be flying up Deerfoot northbound tonight, be sure to take a peek for me...and take pictures. If you don't find it funny then at least it asks an important question. Indeed, do YOU got dick? Yeah. You sit down and you think about that. You can thank me later for opening your mind. Goodnight!

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