Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Homeless Jim

Today I had the misfortune of working at "an office." Those of you who know me know the kind of office I was at and what work I was doing...those of you who don't know me need not be worried. It's nothing bad...I just don't want to post sensitive details related to my job.

When I arrived at "an office," I went into the back alley to park in one of the public parking spots. Two women, who looked like the number 10, were standing outside the back door puffing their cigarettes. When I got out of the car, Butch Cassidette and the Sundance Bitch piped up. The fat one said that I could not park in that spot and the thin one said it was for maintenance only. I said fine and I moved my vehicle to the other open spot (there are only five spots in the back and the other three were full). When I parked, the thin bitch said I could not park in that spot either because all spots were reserved for staff. This was not the case the last time I was at this place, so I said I would go and speak with reception about the issue. I wouldn't have made a fuss normally, but most pay parking locations were two hour maximum, and the visit was three hours long. I heaved the "cargo" and my computer upstairs to the part of "an office" in which I was going to work. There, I was accosted by yet another employee. This lady spazzed on me for parking in an employee parking spot and said I had to move. She was very matter-of-fact about it and treated me like I was a retard because all the agencies were supposedly notified that parking in the back was no longer allowed.

So whatever. I told the see-you-next-tuesday to watch the "cargo" while I left the building to move my car. Butch Cassidette, the douchebucket who TOLD on me for parking in the back, had returned to her smoking post outside. She TOLD ON ME! She looked at me with a certain smugness. Yeah, you're're a grown woman who went and tattled on me for using a spot that was empty because the employee was not even working that day! Kudos!

I moved my ride around for several minutes until I found an area that allowed three hours for parking. I parked and walked over to one of those parking meter machines.

While I was typing in my info and paying for the time I would be parked, I heard "excuse me" come from my left. I turned and saw this disgusting creature approaching me at a sloth's pace. It was a homeless man pushing a shopping cart with a large black back within it. Let's call him Homeless Jim. Homeless Jim was a short, filthy, inarticulate, and toothless mess. I'm not sure what ethnicity he was because his face was literally filthy...he had a dark wiry beard deal happening and there was something like dirt all over his cheeks and forehead.
He asked me if I had a dollar or two I could spare. I told him I didn't have any change and he walked past me. He then said "I take bills too, you know." Thanks, take larger denominations of money as well? SHOCK!
I told the guy that I didn't have any bills either. I was being honest. I usually don't carry cash or change around with me. But if I had bills, I sure as shit wouldn't be potentially supporting a drug or alcohol habit that he may have had.

The man continued to walk away and then stopped after several paces. He stumbled over his own words with a retort. I will attempt to write it exactly as he said it for you now:

"I - I don't bla-blame you. You're, you're white. If you were sumpin else, I would but you you're just white. All whites are the same. You cheap piece of shit."

Well, I had the response that any person would have had when insulted like that...I burst out laughing. I mean, come on now! How offended could I possibly be when this drain on society man was seriously pissed off that he couldn't get money for free? What the hell is going on in his mind when he thinks it acceptable to consider people better off than him as cheap because they cannot or will not give him a handout? That sort of undeserved sense of entitlement is shocking...and funny.

I told the chap "All right...have a great day." He mumbled something under his breath and continued driving his cart along the walkway. When he reached the front doors of "an office," he parked his cart next to the doors and hurled his bag of cans up over his shoulder. Homeless Jim then went into the building. A few moments later, I reached the door and went in as well. Homeless Jim was wandering around the lobby. I don't know what the hell he was doing, to be honest. He was so aimless but I don't believe he was lost (as he could easily have asked someone at reception for directions if he was lost). My best guess is that he went into the lobby to try and panhandle. As good a theory as any.

When I walked into the lobby, I looked over at him as he milled around. I walked toward the elevator to return upstairs to watch the "cargo," which happened to be the same direction he was walking. He looked over his shoulder and saw me approaching. When he saw me, he BOOKED it! He ran down a hallway and out the back door of the building. I don't know if he was just sketchy or if he was afraid I followed him into the building to deliver him a beating, but he left faster than a cat out of a toilet bowl. All the while the crinkling and clanking of cans and bottles in his bag echoed from down the hallway.

What the hell? Am I right to think that beggars shouldn't be assholes when they're rejected, or am I actually just a cheap piece of shit? Or perhaps both? You be the judge.

I don't want this entry to suggest that I have contempt or a lack of respect for the less fortunate. I've encountered many people from the streets in my life and almost all were polite and didn't fly off the handle when I turned down their request for spare change. I don't refuse to give money to homeless people because I'm cheap, but because many homeless people use the money they receive to sustain drug and/or alcohol habits. Many ex-homeless people admit this fact. Instead, I offer to buy the person food and/or drink. Most of the time, the person is grateful for my "generosity," though once a homeless person actually turned down my offer to buy him a sandwich or something. He was polite in his decline, but one must as what was he going to use money for if not food. Whatever it was, I'm happy I didn't contribute.

So that's another rant for the books. I'm sure I wasn't politically correct in my entry, but I don't mean any harm. Leave a comment if you'd like to add anything, so long as it's not about how I'm a cheap piece of shit.

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