Monday, March 12, 2012


Some friends at Dori411 have been working diligently over the past year on an exciting graphic novel and accompanying web series titled simply Gophenwick. Gophenwick, taking place in an alternate future, is about a young girl named Zoe, whom with her paranormal investigation team, encounters several mysteries that ultimately lead Zoe and her team to Gophenwick, Wales; a town overwrought with the supernatural.
Check out the Gophenwick Facebook page for tonnes of photos, concept art, music, and up-to-date information on the project! But Dori411 can't undertake this task without your help! The costs to produce anything of quality is high these days, and they need your help! Head on over to their Indie Gogo site and see if you can help them reach their goal to make Gophenwick the best production it can be! Any contribution you can make comes with terrific exclusive Gophenwick perks (i.e. a $20 donation gets you production art cards!).
Even if you cannot afford to contribute anything, do "like" the Facebook page so you can keep on top of everything Gophenwick as it becomes available.

Now, I just have to sweet-talk my way into the series. Though something tells me there's not much room in the story for a sarcastic asshole. Oh well, maybe Dori411 can write me in. ;)

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