Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Airing of Grievances 2010

Well, here we are again. It's Festivus time in the city. With the return of Festivus comes yet another opportunity for me to express my discontent about some of the people around me. I have a lot of problems with you people, and now you're gonna hear about it!
This should be an interesting entry. This year, I've found that there are very few people who have actually pissed me off. Congratulations people! You've been good.
On the other hand, I've had a spectacularly bad 24 hours and things don't seem to be looking up. I debated actually using names this year in my Airing of Grievances, but opted not to. The goal is not to embarrass others. It's just to let them know, from me to them, what they did and why it frustrated me.

1. You are many things that you weren't a year ago. Now you're rude, you're foolish, you're promiscuous, you're a "fun addict," you're an alcoholic, and you're a user. By user, I mean a user of other people to meet your own ends. Worse yet, you rationalize all these behaviours with a mental illness. I'm not sure what happened to you, but your excuse of psychological problems doesn't fly with me. Knowing one has a mental illness can help explain a lot and even be liberating, but it is never an excuse to engage in self-destructive behaviours. For a while, you frequently tried to get a hold of me. You needed needed someone to talk to and someone to validate that everything you do is okay because of your condition. I stopped caring when it was clear you only want me around when you need to feel better. I hope you have become more responsible and mature since last we spoke, but since you spiralled out of control in the opposite direction in the first place, I'm not holding out much hope.

2. Ah, my dear. You're a long-time star of my grievance airing, as I believe you've been in every one I've ever written. The good news? You've come a long way, baby. The bad news? You still have so far to go. Chronically miserable and filled with regret and complaints, you share with #1 a habit of seeking me out when you need to be comforted. But I look at your situation and can only say that you did it to yourself. Everything about your situation was your own choice. No chance or circumstance. It was all 100% your decisions, so why are you sitting there bitching about how rough your life is? Come on! If you don't like something about where your life is, change it. You're young, you're smart, and you're quite able. Get to work.

3. Poor loser. That's how I'd describe you. You lost the game and didn't handle it well at all. But that's no excuse for the behaviours you exhibited afterward. There was no need to insult the other players behind their backs or to decide to keep away from the team. What was the game? The person to whom this is directed will know.

4. Ditchers. One of the banes of my existence. But what worse than a ditcher is a person who pitches a lie for the ditch that is so mind-bogglingly fabricated that I wonder just how stupid I seem to that person. Your reason, which you know well, was so obviously phony. I called you on it. You got upset and continued to defend it for reasons I cannot fathom aside from a simple desire not to be caught. Ugh. Come on!
Truth be told, I didn't really even want to hang out that night. So cancelling with honesty would have worked out very well for you. Funny that irony thing.

5. One of the worst things you can do is assume you know me. I'm a pretty complex person and I reveal only what I want you to know or what I think you need to know. Earlier this year, you made a very big assumption about my character and my life. Usually this assumption would be that I'm gay...everyone thinks I'm gay, but this one was different and it was a conclusion reached with one sentence of dialogue. What? Assumptions make an ass out of you and makes me not want to be your friend any more.

6. SEE: Epic Datefail #2019245. 'Nuff said.

7. You are ever so judgmental. Knowing me for all of five seconds, you were quick to point out to a third party that I seemed to be extremely rude and looked like a fool. We can't all be epic like you. Oh, and for someone so well versed in child safety, I noticed your car seat was improperly installed. Damn foster parents. I don't get paid enough to deal with you some days.

8. You are interesting in the dichotomy that is you. What you reveal to others is the confident, charming, and funny individual. But beside that is the real you...filled with self-doubt, disappointment, and fear. The problem is not in how you actually feel. It's that you don't do anything to change it. You put on the brave front but I know the real you. You're struggling but you'd rather continue struggling than seek help. Please...listen to me. Find someone who can give you the support you need. Life's too short to waste.

9. When I dated you earlier this year, things were going great. Then something happened. I don't know what and you couldn't be bothered to tell me. That's why you get lucky #9. We dated for a while and I deserved to know why you had a complete 180 degree turn in the relationship. It seems as though you were feeling like you were getting too involved/invested and you got scared, but I can't be sure. An explanation instead of  avoiding me with stupid excuses ("I just don't like to text"...even though you didn't have a problem doing so for a month and a half before hand? Okay) would have been appreciated. But I'm starting to realize the truth is too much to ask from people these days.

10.'re not a person but I've interacted with you enough that you can fit in this list. Three fucking years now you've been yanking me around by the balls, tossing me from person to person, and no one having the decency to be straight with me. This is my education and my future we're talking about, so I'm not going to give up. Get your heads out of your bureaucratic asses and DO something! (Yes, I will blog in detail about my problem with MRU in a future entry). Of all ten entries in this list, you have pissed me off more than the other nine put together. So middle finga straight up at you, MRU. Friggin clowns.

There you have it. The 10 from 2010. I know I cheated with #10, but nobody's perfect. I'm sure I seem to be really bitter after you have read this, but I'm not. This is just my annual bit of fun to poke at the people that did me wrong or frustrated me with their odd thought patterns and behaviours. Now I've said my peace and that's that.
Well, until December 2011, that is.

Oh, and to those of you who are wondering "WTF? Why isn't Anna in this list?" Well, that story is a fun one that has yet to be told, and I don't want to give anything away just yet. Stay tuned!

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