Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Cute Little Tail

While digging through some old papers from my college days, I came across several stories that I wrote in creative writing courses. I thought I'd share a few of these stories with you all. Some are good, some are bad, and some are just plain WTF. If you like any of these stories and wish to repost or use in some way, please don't steal. Ask first. 
This first piece was an allegory assignment.

A Cute Little Tail

Today was the first day of Lilipad High. All the little tadpoles marched into their classroom, ready for Navigating Through Muddy Waters 101.
But the last tadpole to come in made everyone stare. He had a face like a tadpole, and a body like a tadpole. But everyone had to cover their eyes with their tails at the sight of the rest of his tadpole self. He had a tail, but his tail was much shorter than the other tadpoles’ tails. And he had a big…thing that certainly wasn’t a tail sticking from his body.
“Look! Look! What’s wrong with him?” one tadpole inquired.
Biff Toughpole, captain of the Tadpole Swim Team, approached the odd looking tadpole.
“What’s your name?” he asked.
The shy tadpole replied, “I—I’m Billy.”
Suddenly, all the tadpoles in the class began screaming, “Billy’s a freak! Billy’s a freak!”
“You have a frog leg on you...and where’s your tail? You look like a stupid dumb frog!” Biff remarked, “Frogs are stupid and so are you! We don’t want any frogs OR you here with us!”
Biff turned up his gills and swam away.
Billy felt his little tadpole eyes start to well up with tears, so he scurried over to an empty seat. The girl sitting next to him turned and yelled “Get away! You look funny! Get!!!”
Billy got up and swam to a seat in the very back of the classroom where he stayed all alone while the other tadpoles turned and laughed.
Billy couldn’t take this for long, and so in tears he left school early and swam home. When he got home he looked in the mirror and noticed that he was starting to grow another little frog leg and two teeny weenie frog arms. He got really scared and hid under his covers. He was very upset that for some weird reason he was different from the other tadpoles, becoming like a yucky frog and all. But he was even more upset that no one would see past that to get to know him for whom he was.
The next day, Biff Toughpole came to class a little late, with a tiny leg growing from his side…

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