Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Top Ten Pet Peeves

Everyone's got 'em. Pet peeves. Those little things that just rub us the wrong way. Annoying behaviours of others that just tick us off. I suppose the definition of what a pet peeve is varies from person to person. In fact, something that doesn't annoy me may be one of the most annoying things in the world to you. My inspiration for writing this entry was because a friend said something which pet peeved me off last night, but what was said was really not a big deal when thought about objectively. I decided I'd share some of my weirdest pet peeves just to see who else out there shares them with me and who thinks I'm out of my mind.

1. When a person says "Safeways" when referring to the grocery store Safeway. Unless you are referring to multiple Safeway locations, the name is not pluralized! Come on!!!
2. When a person is in line at a grocery store and proceeds to have his/her items scanned in on two or more different receipts. In other words, the person makes multiple purchases. I understand the person may just be buying things for a friend or family member (and will be paid back by that person), but why not just buy everything on one bill and then figure out what the other person owes you later? If there are two receipts because a receipt is necessary for reimbursement, I suppose there's no way around it, but one could make separate trips to the cash register instead of holding up the line with two or more different purchases. Ugh.
3. When a person parked crooked in a parking stall or parks on/over the painted line. It's not difficult to navigate a vehicle between the yellow lines of a parking space, so there's really no excuse for overlapping the line. Sometimes a person has no choice because the person next to them had already parked like a moron, but that first moron still has no excuse. And crooked parking? What's with that? The lines are straight and offer a perfect guideline for where to have your vehicle. When one gets out of a vehicle and notices their car is not parallel to the yellow lines, why don't they take five seconds and correct that? Frustrating!
4. When you lend something to someone and it comes back in worse condition than when you last had it. How many times have you lent someone a CD in pristine condition, and when it is returned it has smudges, scratches, a damaged case (or no case at all)? I treat anything lent to me as though it were my own, but for some reason there are some people out there that put less value on the possessions of others. It's people like that who make me not want to share!
5. iPhone autocorrect. Anyone with an iPhone is probably in agreement with this one. I can't tell you how many times I've sent a message such as "What a ducking joke" or "Holy shot!" Usually I can catch it before it autocorrects, but when you're in a hurry it's easy to overlook.
6. When a person uses internet shortcuts in their writing. I guess it's okay in text messages so long as the messages remain easy to read (when it becomes like "so r u cummin 2 teh bar 4 drinks 2nite" I focus more on the way it is written instead of what is being asked or said), but using shortcuts in stories, essays, or even emails is silly. Grammar and spelling are very important to me and should probably be important to everyone.
7. When people pronounce things incorrectly. The major offender in my opinion is when people delete sounds from words when there's no reason to do so. People in Calgary almost always pronounce it as "Calgry." They omit the second A and then accuse me of pronouncing the name incorrectly because I pronounce a letter than is not silent (illogical). Other major pronunciation fails are "T'rohno" (TOronTo), supposubly (supposedly), comf-ter-bull (comfOrtAble), and innernet (inTernet). Yes, I felt it necessary to capitalize the letters people inexplicably leave out! This blog isn't just for entertainment. It's also for learning.
There's also people make up irregardless or sensical. There's no excuse, people!
8. Salespeople who accost you in malls and stores. No, I don't want to sign up for your RBC rewards credit card! No, I don't want to buy your $7 box of nasty chocolate covered nuts! No, I don't want to try your men's moisturizer! No, I don't want to add a printer to my purchase so you can get a better commission cheque! No, I don't want a Swedish massage with a happy ending! I think when these people approach me when I'm minding my own business, I'll just give them THE FACE!
9. When a person says they will do something and then at the last minute "change their mind." Everyone knows at least one person that makes this act an art. For some reason, these people think that somehow it is less rude or mean to say they will do something (when they have no intention of doing so) and then ditching at the last minute than just saying NO in the first place. WTF is wrong with these people? If I invite you on a road trip, don't say you'll come and then change your mind the morning of the trip! FACT: It is actually exorbitantly more rude and inconvenient to the other person/people to ditch out of an activity you were never going to participate in than to simply tell the truth by saying no when first asked. Now that you all know this fact, please stop doing it! Thankyouverymuch.
10. Pedestrians that just walk out into an intersection without looking. Yeah, yeah...pedestrians have the right of way in this province. That in itself is a retarded rule. I think that drivers should yield to pedestrians at uncontrolled crosswalks, but there should be responsibility placed on the pedestrian to ensure it is safe to cross. I can't begin to count the number of times some retard wearing all black (at night) darts out into a crosswalk (when the road is covered in ice) or even just jaywalk, and I have a bollocks time slowing down in time even though I'm driving safely according to the conditions. Why can't these people stop and look? Why are these people so stupid that they don't bother to take a second to think before they act? Some pedestrians walk around like they're invincible, but FACT: an automobile is a few pounds heavier than a person and metal and plastic are a tiny bit harder than flesh and bone. Unacceptable.

There. Ten of my pet peeves. I did have a little trouble completing this list as I do not ruminate over these things. While my writing style may make it seem as though I'm obsessed about the things that annoy me, I assure that is not the case. But when these things do happen, I do become frustrated or annoyed for a few moments.
I invite you to share your biggest pet peeves, either via Blogspot comments or Facebook comments. We can't stop the things that peeve us off, but at least we can laugh about it!

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