Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If I Didn't Hate Telemarketers Before... (Guest Blog Entry)

Here's an interesting post that my friend Lisa put up on Facebook back on the 13th of August. I thought it was pretty shocking so I thought I'd share with everyone. Don't come complaining if there's any spelling or grammar errors, you vultures. I didn't proofread her work. But she's not an idiot, so I'm sure it's fine! Take it away, Lisa!


Soooo.... As some of you probably gathered from recent Facebook status updates and comments, my dad recently passed away. Long story short, went for a nap, had a heart attack and died. Should have been painless and he probably didn't even notice, so that's comforting to me. Anyway, I'm sad and all that, but that is not the reason I decided to write this note. I don't usually "blog" about experiences, I just tell the story over and over to each friend that I think would find it amusing, but this is one I think everyone needs to hear. It will leave you thinking WTF? and also maybe make you laugh at the pure stupidity/inconsideration that some people have.

So obviously when someone dies, there has to be SOMEONE to clean out their apartment/house whatever and take care of all things like that. Thankfully, I have the greatest lobster ever (Sam) and he has been really helpful and I love him. Also, my sister and brother have been exceptionally willing to do things to help which is awesome too. I know if I wasn't the oldest, I'd just leave it up to them. Kidding, but anyway. So yea, we have been going back and forth between here and Red Deer (where he lived) to clean out his apartment. We left his phone hooked up for the time we were there so that we could call people and people could call us. No one has called for him that didn't know of his passing so that's good. That is until yesterday. Enter Telus.

So we are all going about cleaning, and sorting our sections of his place and the phone rings. My brother being the closest to the phone, answers. This is his side of the conversation:



"Uh, well, I think you would be looking for Blaine, but he's now deceased."


By this time, all of us have stopped what we are doing and are kinda watching and listening to try to figure out who is calling and stuff.

"Well, I guess you could talk to my sister, one sec."

*hands me the phone and tells me it's Telus on the phone*

So I should mention that when a parent dies, and you can't locate a will (we haven't as of yet), the oldest child is generally given the task of decision making. Yay for being the oldest! So, anytime someone doesn't know what to do about something, I get the job. I should mention by the way, that my dad was a Shaw phone customer, not Telus, but he was also thinking of moving so I thought maybe he was switching companies and this call maybe had something to do with that. Here is my conversation.

Me: "Hello?"

Stupid Telus: "Hi there, are you the owner of this line (403) XXX- XXXX?"

Me: "Uh, no, that would be my dad who my brother just told you has passed away."

Stupid Telus: "Are you an authorized decision maker on this line?"

Me: "Uhhh, sure? I guess it depends on for what?"

Stupid Telus: "Well, how are you doing today?"

Me: "Well, I'm here to clean out my dead dad's apartment, so I'd have to say not all that great." (getting annoyed now)

Stupid Telus: "Oh, well, that's alright." (What? That's alright? Did you hear what I just said?) "The reason for my call today is to let you know about a service bundle special we are offering to new clients who decide to switch to Telus and ----"

Me: "Are you stupid? My dad is dead, he has no need for a phone anymore and at the end of this week, this phone will be disconnected, so I'm not really interested in anything Telus has to offer. Gawd." Click.

Now, I'm usually a pushover with telemarketers. I let them say their shit and I know after two (or maybe three) times that you say no, they have to give up. So usually, I say my polite "no" enough times for them to thank me for my time and let me go. And usually, I even feel guilty then for saying no, even tho I have a good vaccuum and don't have any need to watch a 3 hour in home demo of some super vaccuum (or whatever it is they were trying to sell). But, this chick was stupid. Either that or telemarketers are so hell bent to sell something that they don't even listen to your reasons for not being interested. Clearly, she either didn't listen to what my brother or I said, or she didn't care. Either way, I'm kinda pissed. I don't want fake condolocences from people about my dad, but I do want people to listen and be sensitive to what I might be going thru. I've debated whether or not I should waste time sending an email to Telus on their Customer Service decency. It probably would be received and I will get some automated response and no one would ever actually read it and if they did, they would delete it without a second thought. But it might make me feel better to bitch them out and tell them that I, at least, would never use their service again, based on this incident alone. Truth be told, I am quite happy with Shaw and probably wouldn't use Telus anyway. But I want them to think that maybe if they didn't employ such stupid people maybe they would be able to get more customers. I know they don't care, but sometimes a good rant feels good.

*end quote

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