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When it comes to human behaviours, very little shocks me. Through excuses such as religion or politics, there can be some utterly shameful behaviour in this world, but I'm rarely surprised. And the emotionally driven exploits of the insecure and damaged around me also are unlikely to phase me. But once in a while, someone will do something so out-of-the-blue and bizarre that I have to pick my jaw up from the floor.

One such time was about eight years ago. When it comes to leaps of nearly a decade, you'll forgive my inability to pinpoint a date. Shannon lived in Lethbridge at this time as she was attending the UofL. Over a long weekend, Shannon convinced me to come for a visit. I hate driving and always have, but all was right in the world because Shannon's other friend Louise was planning to drive down as well. Score! Lethbridge wasn't exactly a tourist hotspot, and this was in November so the weather wasn't the greatest, but I figured why the hell not? From Friday evening to Monday evening (or Tuesday morning), we'd make the best of it!

Louise was a nice person. I'd met her only once or twice before at one of Shannon's parties. Louise was quiet, a tomboy, and didn't have a lot of luck with the boys. She was also a ginger. Louise drove this big ancient truck that I believe was once a fire station pump truck. There were rivet holes (filled in) on the roof from where emergency lights may have rested on top, and of course Louise told me that it was once a pump truck. This thing was as hard on the ears as it was on the eyes. When she pushed the gas, the behemoth sounded like a large aircraft taking off. The truck vibrated and moaned as it got to speed as well. But she loved that truck so I didn't make fun.

At any rate, the drive down to Lethbridge was fun with Louise, even though I didn't think we'd get along. When we found Shannon's place, it was a big super-happy fun reunion and all was going well. It was pretty late when we got to Lethbridge, so we just hung out at Shannon's place until we crashed. On the Saturday, we all slept in and then took a trip to "downtown" Lethbridge just to see what we could see. By this time, Louise seemed to be a little frustrated with something, though neither Shannon nor I knew what the problem was.

In the evening, Shannon wanted to go out to a "club" in Lethbridge. Slim pickings, that was for sure. I was down for it but Louise said that she wasn't feeling well and decided to stay at the house.

*Interesting sidebar - The next time I went to Lethbridge, when Shannon and I decided to go to the club again, Shawna and Shannon's brother Darren (with whom I went to visit Shannon) said they both didn't feel well. Shannon and I returned home early to catch Shawna and Darren feeling each other up in sleeping bags on the floor. Awww, young lust. But seriously, everyone please stop using "not feeling well" in place of your real feelings. Thanks!*

Shannon and I returned to the house pretty late and Louise was asleep. Louise woke up and told us that she missed her family (thus why she didn't want to come out with us in the evening). A little case of homesickness. Happens to the best of us. We all talked for a while and then crashed for night #2.

Around 8AM Sunday morning, Louise wakes me up and tells me that I have to get ready RIGHT now. Shocked and confused, I of course inquire as to the urgency. Louise says there's a snowstorm outside and she doesn't want to get caught in it. Louise called her parents while I'm still trying to snap out of the groggy state I was in. I distinctly remember the phone call because I could hear her mother through the earpiece from where I was sitting. Louise explained to her mother that she was going to head home early because of the snowstorm. Her mother said to Louise to STAY in Lethbridge because the roads were terrible and Louise could travel back the following day when everything died down. Louise argued for a short time but then it seemed she had lost. She got off the phone.

Louise then walked over to me and said to my face that her mother thought it was best that Louise and I head back NOW! What? I said I heard her mom talking and that wasn't what her mom said, but Louise denied it as she ran around getting all her possessions packed up. I went and looked out the window. The snow was falling really heavily and any idiot knew it was a dumbass idea to leave in that weather. Well, not ANY idiot. An idiot who was suffering the sort of extreme home sickness that Louise was suffering would make the poor judgment call...

Packed up, Louise gave me the "last chance" ultimatum, as she was leaving. I had not showered and was still half asleep so I said I couldn't just travel the way I was. Louise then began to cry a bit and said she couldn't wait. The last thing Louise said before leaving the home was "Dave, please don't hate me."

And with that, Louise abandoned me a couple of hundred kilometers from home. Shannon and I were both in utter disbelief that this woman just left me in Lethbridge like that. Even if one overlooks the fact that she chose to alter plans selfishly two days early, to not even wait an hour so I could get ready to leave was mind-blowing. And WTF? How the hell was I supposed to get home?

I tried to put it out of my mind and enjoy the rest of my stay in Lethbridge. Sunday evening I went to visit The Girl From The Rock Show (stay tuned for that entry). It was nice to see her again and we had fun. However, it started to become clear that I was not going to make it back to Airdrie in time for work on Tuesday if I didn't have a plan. Sunday night, Shannon and I checked the Greyhound schedule for the best times to ensure I return on time. OF COURSE the only opportunity was bright and early Monday morning. Motherf***! Shannon and I chilled Sunday night (aka I helped fix her computer) and then went to bed. I remember her living room floor as being uncomfortable. I should have got a better sleeping bag for my future visits.

Anyway, Monday morning came and Shannon kindly gave me a ride to the Greyhound station, a drive that was white-knuckling for Shannon at the very least. I got my ticket and Shannon waited with me until it was time to leave. Then, I was off...aboard the Greyhound death trap. It was a ridiculously long time to get back to Airdrie, made possible by stops at EVERY possible location and a layover at the Greyhound Station in Calgary. Then when I got back to Airdrie, I had to track down someone to give me a lift home as it was -30 and I was a few kilometers from home. Fortunately I was able to get my Meadowbrook Deliveries boss Trevor (stay tuned again) to give me a lift. Unfortunately, as "payment" for his help, he managed to convince me to work Monday evening.

What could have been a super weekend away turned out to be a serviceable half-weekend of fun. And all thanks to Louise...The Knickerbitch. Wondering where that nickname came from? Keep your eyes peeled on my blog!

As for the Greyhound bus trip...sure it was long, boring, and uncomfortable. But it certainly wasn't something to lose my head over...

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