Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Interview Adventure!

Tale number 2 from back in my day came to me while Shannon and I were recollecting the good ol' days while at Peter's Drive In tonight. This little doozy came up and I thought I would share with you all.

About, oh, I don't remember, 5-8 years ago, Shannon and I were both looking for a sexy job that would pay for our meth habits (just kidding, Nanny). One of us found a job ad from the Canadian Mental Health Association. The CMHA was looking for canvasser to raise money, which really isn't my bag, but it was a job and it was with an organization with which I was interested in working.

When we got there, we were seated around a long table with about a half dozen other people. A gentleman came in to give the spiel about how great canvassing is and how great the CMHS is and how extra great canvassing for the CMHS is. All I remember about him was that his arms were bigger than my legs and I was concerned he might pummel me if I don't do this job. After the verbal diarrhea came to a close, Shannon and I played it cool like we were interested. But neither of us would be doing this job. It seemed even more awful than you'd think canvassing would be. We left with big smiles and laughed about how we'd never call back.

But this just sets the day...mundane, no? Well it got "better." On the way back home, we decided it would be cool to stop by Peter's Drive In for some sustenance. We went into the drive thru and decided to take the passenger side of Peter's (used for cars with passengers as the drive thru window was on the right of the vehicle. Shannon ordered into the clown's mouth and then we went to the first window. Shannon paid and I started crawling my car forward to the pickup window.

Suddenly, my car began to lurch violently. I knew right then and there that my car was going to stall. The last thing I wanted was for my car to stall in a narrow drive thru, so I kept creeping the vehicle so I could continue to feed the engine gasoline. As I went past the window, I began screaming at Shannon to grab the food. GRAB THE FOOD! I CAN'T STOP! Shannon made a mad swipe and managed to get the bag. I hit the gas and the car lunged forward. However, the engine did stall and there was just enough momentum to coast to the parking spot across from the pedestrian order windows (the stalls that faced the street in front of the restaurant).

I called my dad, as he is worked at Mazda (still does actually...just a different Mazda) and he was kind enough to hook me up with a tow. Shannon and I waited outside the car, leisurely eating our food, while we waited. Well WTF? The tow truck that arrived was a flatbed rather than a hitch! If you've been to Peter's, you know there's not much room to navigate in front. The driver came up to me and asked me to help him push my car backwards to the stalls that were facing the pedestrian windows. This way, he would be able to back the truck into the lot and get my car up on the bed. I helped him move the car and then Shannon and I sat on the bench while the driver did his job.

Well, much to my embarrassment, the truck was too long and so its front end had to stay in the drive thru exit. Seeing as there is only one exit, it could be trouble.

As the driver was prepping the vehicle to get it up on the bed, a man in a SUV TOTALLY flipped out. Buddy was in a big hurry and he began screaming at the driver. The driver, in turn, began screaming at the man in the SUV. No work was being done as the two fussed and flashed feathers at each other. Shannon and I were trying to make ourselves as tiny as possible on the bench, though no one really knew we were responsible. Honking ensued. Hands thrown up in frustration ensued. And a line of cars backing out well down 16th Avenue ensued (even a longer line than you see at free milkshake day...for reference). After about ten minutes or so of NOBODY being able to leave the restaurant, the driver got my car on the slab and slowly pulled away.

Shannon had called her dad to pick us up and take us back home. I'm not sure what Shannon and I did after that, but nothing could compete with the stall at Peter's.

Ever since then, I've been reluctant to use the drive thru, instead choosing to park and use the pedestrian windows.

Memories...from the corner of my eye.

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